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Lesbian, Bisexual, or Just a Phase?

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Let her know that you are trying and that while it sometimes takes a parent a little time to adjust, you are working on it every day. Ask for her patience. Why does it matter? What about it concerns you? Cheney is openly gay, has voiced support for same-sex marriageand has been credited with encouraging her father's approval of same-sex marriage, [6] which he has publicly supported since leaving the vice presidency. Cheney are looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild," spokesperson Lea Anne McBride said on December 5.

This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate by people on either side of an issue. It is my child. Cynthia Leivethe editor in chief of Glamourasked Cheney if she had anything to say to critics like James Dobson. Then we went outside to play. Outside by the river, we ran into one of her best friends. They played soccer back and forth for about an hour. When they were done, both girls were smiling. I tried to think if this post would be offensive to anyone. Perhaps straight women because it questions their choices?

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But also reduces supply in the supply and demand equation so their value goes up. Straight men Youd offensive too, definitely. I didn't want to be coddled with sympathy or treated differently because of my sexuality. I just wanted to be 'normal' Sean whatever normal means, anywaythe way I had always been. I know now that I did not need to worry about this, but I did worry!

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So, whilst you must accept what your child says and take it seriously, try not to overreact either - either because you are upset, or Your daughter lesbian you are so keen to reassure them. They do need reassurance, but make sure you don't 'protest too much' - one of the things they may need to be reassured about is that this doesn't change anything. They are still themselves. Whilst their sexuality is an important part of them that you must accept and not deny, it is not the whole of who they are. Don't speculate about causes The fact is, nobody knows for sure what causes anyone's sexual orientation - whether straight, L, G, B, T, or something else check out Ed Shaw's article on 'Why are some people same sex attracted?

So, speculating with your child about the origins of their sexuality will probably not get you anywhere anyway. Maybe one day some study will definitively prove what shapes our sexuality, but in the meantime there is a lot we don't Your daughter lesbian. For what it's worth, if one day we do reach a scientific understanding of the origins of sexuality, my money is on these origins being a complex mixture of genetic, hormonal and circumstantial factors, and not being something we can simplistically pin down to one single factor anyway. But more importantly, speculating with your child sends him or her the not-so-subtle message that you are uncomfortable with their sexuality and don't regard it as 'normal' whereas, as I keep pointing out, nobody's sexuality is 'normal' in a fallen world.

Very few 'straight' people feel the need to think through the origins of their sexuality e. It's about them, not you - but get support if you need it Following on from the previous point, there is some unhelpful thinking around which lays the blame for homosexuality at the door of the child's parents. There are different versions of this, ranging from a 'nurture' emphasis perhaps the child allegedly had a difficult relationship with their father, or a 'dominating' mother or more of a 'nature' slant supposedly the child was exposed to abnormal hormonal levels in the womb. In my case at least I have always had a good relationship with my Dad.

My Mum is not dominating either she wishes! And besides, there are plenty of people who do have these relationships with their parents and who aren't gay. Sexuality and Gender Identity is no different during this time for adolescents. When your child comes out to you it might be overwhelming for you as a parent. They might not be entirely clear with you about their orientation. They might not be entirely clear in their own minds about their orientation. Though you want concrete answers, your child might not have them.

They might not be able to answer all of your questions because they might not know all of the answers at this point. The important thing for you to do is to be loving and open to what your child has to say. Let them take the lead on how they feel and what information they want to reveal in this conversation. Most parents believe their child will grow up to be heterosexual, and you have ideas and dreams for your children. Letting go of those dreams can be hard.

Allowing yourself to grieve the expectations you had for your child is an important process of supporting your child. Allowing yourself to have a space to talk about your feelings away from your child is important. Engaging with a therapist, pastor, support group or friend s can be a good way for you to process your feelings especially any negative ones. Keep that in mind as you navigate this new territory together. Dismissing their feelings and bravery of sharing those feelings can be harmful to your long-term relationship with your child.

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