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In NzkedMcCartney recruited[ citation needed englisj Abbey Road in-house engineers Paul Hicks, Guy Massey and Allan Rouse to go back into the vaults and assemble a brand new studio album from the 30 reels of tape recorded during the January sessions. Since much of the Let It Be material had been recorded live, many sound anomalies existed on the tapes. Hicks, Massey and Rouse did extensive work, digitally cleaning up each individual track of every song before remixing them. Some takes were edited together to create the best possible final version.

For " Dig a Pony ", an errant note sung by Lennon was digitally pitch-corrected. Differences[ edit ] Most of Naked english songs on Let It Be Naked differ significantly from the original versions on Let It Be. Firstly, they are in a different running order from the original LP. Secondly, none of Phil Spector's orchestral and choral overdubs were included, and his mixes were not used. Additionally, all lead vocals and drums are now placed in the middle of the stereo picture, giving the album a more modernised sound and feel. Finally, all studio and rooftop dialogue from the original album was removed, resulting in a number of sharp fade-outs where dialogue had been previously audible.

Two songs that had been included on the original album — the traditional Liverpool folk song " Maggie Mae " and the improvisational piece " Dig It " — were excised, as they "didn't fit comfortably with the concept of a straight album". An off-pitch note sung by Lennon in his second "because" was digitally pitch-corrected. Also, whereas the original album track featured Lennon beginning to play the song's final guitar riff one beat too early, this version mixes the error out, leaving a clean outro.

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Characterized by the nakedness of the people concerned or to eglish the described noun is attributed. So here I went the first time into a naked bed, only my dnglish on; and did sleep pretty well: The satirical historian has not blushed to describe the naked scenes which Theodora was not ashamed to exhibit in the theatre. CK 1 Tom is naked. CK 1 Tom was naked. CK 1 I saw Tom naked. CK 1 Tom isn't naked. CK 1 The baby was naked. CK 1 I've seen Tom naked. CK 1 I don't want to see Tom naked. CK 1 Tom blushed when he saw Mary naked.

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